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KEDI is a proven and tested business that has changed the life of many people.
Kedi has a complete knowledge, accommodating system, training courses and vibrant lecturers that can help you start from scratch and become great. Don’t forget to join our training program, its all free. Hurry up; this will be your new starting point for good health and great wealth… all at your fingertips.

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The most grand and amazing event of KEDI,it happens every two years! This year, we take you to Abuja to enjoy this grand ceremony, to witness how people

Join Us (Call 08084187162 or 08136368290)
Join us (call 08084187162 or 08136368290)
My name is Mrs. Christy Essien, from Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State. I want to first of all thank the Lord God for using KEDI Healthcare to change my life from NOBODY to SOMEBODY. I joined KEDI in August 2006, as at then, I could not afford even registration fee of #2,025. My up line, Mrs Rachel Ediri asked me “CHRISTY IF I REGISTER YOU, WOULD YOU WORK?” I said “SURE MAMA”. She said remember your first shop in KEDI is your mouth. I started working by opening my shop (mouth) daily to spread KEDI good news, which is HEALTH AND WEALTH. My first month bonus was #169,000 and that really triggered me and set me on fire to work more. By God’s grace today I am an achiever in KEDI Healthcare, a Business Consultant and a Service Centre owner. I have won several Cars, Villa and International Trips. I am currently one of the Leading African Figure in KEDI Healthcare as the only Female Two Star Director. I encourage everyone especially the Women Folks who desire good living to take advantage of the opportunity KEDI offers and their lives will be changed as mine for good forever – ONLY OPEN YOUR SHOP (MOUTH) daily to tell others of HEALTH AND WEALTH GOD GIVES THROUGH KEDI.
Mrs. Christy Essien

CONTACT Address : No 4 Wetheral road Opposite Skye Bank Off Govt House Round About Owerri, Imo State Email : info@desparklegroup.com Mobile : 08084187162 or 08136368290